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Furs are the hairs found on the body of animals and come from the coats of animals. It may consist of short ground hair, long guard hair, and in some cases medium awn hair. Today, winter clothes such as scarves and coats or coat trimmings are the garments most commonly made from fur. Fur is worn in many cultures and was mainly known to be used for protection against extreme cold. The term fur is colloquially used to refer to a fur coat, wrap, or shawl. It received escalating popularity after it hit the ramp and became a fashion statement.

Fur is sourced commonly from animals like fox, rabbit, mink, beaver, ermine, otter, sable, raccoon, coyote, chinchilla, seal, cat, and dog. Most of the fur used is sourced from animal farms where these animals are reared. Faux Furs Jackets But some of the animal furs particularly beavers and seal is procured by hunting these animals. The fur is either dyed bright colors or remains untouched to mimic exotic animal patterns before it is used in garments. At times its original pattern and color are also retained. Fur may also be shorn down to imitate the feel of soft velvet fabric.

Unlike the leather and wool-making process, fur is manufactured by sourcing pelts where the fur has been left on the skin of the animal after being treated. Then, the same is put through a felting quality enhancement process called carroting that lends the tip of the feather a yellowish-red color. Animal welfare groups have raised severe objections to the trapping and killing of wildlife animals. They have also raised their disapproval of fur farms as alternatives like fax furs are available. Fur has been banned in many countries.

The US has laws banning the import, export, and sale of seal, cat, and dog furs. The brutal process of anal electrocution of these animals for their fur too has received severe criticism. Faux Furs Jackets The process of sourcing fur is undoubtedly very grave and has invited severe resistance and criticism. But the very fact that genuine fur remains popular in many countries, e.g. sable winter hats in Russia, beaver pelt coats in Canada, and fox wraps in Japan goes a long way in speaking volumes about its fascination and appeal to the human mind.

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